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Manurhin K'MX 413

K'MX 413 is the solution for turning parts from Ø 2 to Ø 13 mm (up to Ø 16 with (standard) or without (option) preparation of bars), with a standard equipment including two numerically-controlled and oil-cooled electrospindles, an automatic bar loader and one unit with three driven tools.
A clear arrangement of the axes, the easy of use and the simple and fast programming system permits the use this machine for small, medium and big quantity of parts.

Advantages :


Swiss type lathe K'MX 413
Technical data
Number of axes 4
Bar capacity ø 13 (ø 16) mm
Mainspindle bore ø 17 mm
Electrospindle (100/60%) 3,7/5,5 kW
Max spindle speed 12.000 rpm
Headstock stroke 130 mm
Toolholder - Slide
Number of slide - toolholder 1
Number of tools 2x4
External machining tool shank size 12x12 mm
Powered tools
Number of powered tools 3
Max speed on 1 station 2.600 rpm
Max speed on 2 stations 8.000 rpm
Bar Capacity ø 13 (ø 16) mm
Subspindle bore ø 17 mm
Electrospindle (100/60%) 2,2/3,7 kW
Max spindle speed 12.000 rpm
Maximum lenght of part inside the sub spindle 95 mm
Maximum length of part for front ejection 130 mm
Numerical controls Fanuc
C axis on main and sub spindle
Fire extinguisher
Fume extractor
Swarf conveyor
Guiding and device for long parts trough sub spindle
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