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Langdrehautomat - Traminer Manurhin In all its history, Manurhin K'MX has never ceased to strengthen and refine its position as a forerunner.

Only companies which are ahead of their time leave their mark on their period..


1920 Creation of the company, the Manufactory of Machines of Upper Rhine under the name of Manurhin. Its main activity concerned machinery for the foodstuff sector.
1935 Manufacture of automatic bar turning lathes.
1947 Manufacture of PF cam lathes transferred to the factory in Mulhouse.
1966 Introduction of the Decomat 42 automatic lathe with hydraulic controls and card programming.
1975 A world première: manufacture of the Traminer, the first numerical controlled sliding-headstock lathe.
1987 Design and launch of the K'MX system. The K'MX 20 shown for the first time in EMO, Milan.
1994 An other world premiere : launch of the first twin-spindle turning machine, the K'MX Twin.
1997 New generation multiple-axis sliding-headstock lathe with simplified programming, the K'MX Swing.
1999 Manufacture of the K'MX XL32 and K'MX 413.
Since October 2004, belongs Manurhin K'MX to group TAJMAC based in Italiy.
2011 After more than 25 years of manufacturing and more than 1600 machines worldwide,  the K'MX left his place to K'MX EVO.


Z.I. De la Doller
2 rue de la Plaine d'Alsace
68520 Burnhaupt-le-haut - France
Tel. +33 (0)3 89 62 33 33
Fax +33 (0)3 89 53 44 84
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